Training Experience
Movies, Drama, Acting, Dancing and Karate
He's the lead actor in the GIPF and momentum informercials, as well as  star of the upcoming second season to the series "don't kiss and  tell".
He's also a  poet, music/script writer, model, dancer with clients such as the 2017 female artist of the year  - Monique English and "know your name" singer Paul da Prince. He established himself as the Friday main stage presenter at the 2017 Namibian Anual Music Awards (NAMAS) and used his voice as the voice over for "whata lifestyle - blast from the past", the very voice to be one of the honoured drivers of Touch FM. He says he's only getting started in taking his place as one of Namibia’s Titans.
With all of the above and considering that he also co - launched the "my legal advisor " initiative and co drafted the comprehensive summary of the 2014 third constitutional amendment, editted  by Prof J. Nakuta - the media ombudsman, 
What can't he do?

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